Read-a-thon stretch break

deweys-readathonbuttonWhew, it felt good to stand up and stretch for 5 minutes! I needed that.

A line of thunderstorms is approaching my neighborhood at the moment. The rain just started pelting the skylights.

My shift officially begins now, basically (or well, sort of an hour ago), over at

Happy Saturday, whether your day includes tons of books or not!


12 responses to “Read-a-thon stretch break

  1. Good luck with your shift!

  2. You are doing great! Keep it up!

  3. Yes, we got a terrible storm today. I was forced to go out to a bridal shower this afternoon and I got trapped there….the streets were flooded.

    Hope your weather was not so upsetting!

    • I heard about your calamity, Debbie! Glad you found a solution. I don’t think it will be that bad here; just praying my laptop battery doesn’t die before the lightning goes away!

  4. CHEERS! Thanks for all the hard work! hope you had fun. 🙂

  5. Thunderstorms always freak me out too. Especially when the trees starts swaying and scratching on my windows…

  6. It was a great day – I had so much fun as a cheerleader! Thanks!

  7. Thanks so much for all you put into this event. It was my first ever, and while I really regret not taking the plunge with Dewey’s last one (if I’d only known it was the last chance to do one with her….) and her spirit was missed, I truly can’t imagine it being run any better.

  8. Thanks to you, Trish and Nymeth for working hard at organizing this read-a-thon. It was my first and I was impressed at how it went!

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