Defining news

Veteran journalist speaking to young journalist:

“You know, you’ve got a lot to learn about journalism. Look at it this way. News is what a chap who doesn’t care much about anything wants to read. And it’s only news until he’s read it. After that it’s dead. We’re paid to supply news. If someone else has sent a story before us, our story isn’t news. Of course there’s colour. Colour is just a lot of bulls-eyes about nothing. It’s easy to write and easy to read but it costs too much in cabling so we have to go slow on that. See?”

— from Page 91 of Scoop by Evelyn Waugh, a 1938 novel.

I finished this reading this book today, hopefully I’ll have a review posted soon.

Other quotes about journalism:
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3 responses to “Defining news

  1. Like what you quoted here!

    BTW, everything distils into reading is my new blog. Please do visit it, subscribe to it or follow it! Do help me spread the word.

  2. I love older novels! Can’t wait for the review!

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