Reading via laptop part 2

This series of posts is about my experience reading a book on my laptop, for the first time.

Start with part 1 to know fully what I’m talking about here.

I was surprised how slow it seemed that I read on screen. Perhaps it’s that I don’t get to physically turn pages that I was missing? While reading with the laptop not plugged in, my standard screensaver / battery saver options didn’t work well; I wouldn’t get through a whole page before the screen started dimming, so I had to move the cursor around, which effectively pulled me out of the story.

While this could be easily remedied (and I may), this was part of the experience for me.

Eyes often tired enough (I look at a computer screen long enough while working, blogging, twittering …) that I found myself putting off this book in favor of a paper book.

Another obstacle: I filed it away. Put it in a folder, with other e-books. Logical enough, but once it got closed, I wasn’t reminded to read a page or two when I was sitting at the computer trying to remember what I came there for (or whatever).

My progress on this book is very slow. When I scheduled this post, I was on page 47 of 246, and I’d already been “reading” it for a month.

Any questions?

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2 responses to “Reading via laptop part 2

  1. So far, your experience sounds precisely like my every attempt to read an e-book goes. The book sounds exciting and free, so I download it. I start reading it and really like it. My eyes get tired, so I got away from the computer for a while, but then I hardly ever go back to it. I have to date only completed one “book” on the computer, and it was a draft I read for a friend. It took me over a month even though I absolutely loved the book.

    I just downloaded my first e-book for review from netgalley, so I’m hoping that I can do better this time.

  2. I don’t think I would enjoy reading on a laptop either.

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