WG: Memorial Day/summer kickoff

wg1This week’s Weekly Geeks questions (and there are quite a few) are:

  1. With Memorial Day in the U.S. this coming Monday, I thought it would be appropriate to focus on the military. Either share your favorite book on war or movie on war and why. Provide a clip from the movie if you’d like or a passage from the book that shows us why you it’s your favorite book or movie. Or do both. OR choose your own military theme, for example, if you have a relative or friend in the military and you would like to send them a video or a message of thanks, do that on your blog. OR do all three. The book and movie also don’t have to be “patriotic” necessarily. For example, one of my favorite fictional books on war is Johnny, Get Your Gun by Dalton Trumbo.
  2. Again with Memorial Day Weekend here in the U.S. starting traditionally on Friday evening, it also is unofficially the start of summer. You’ve probably been asked this in other meme groups in which you participate, but do your reading habits change over the summer? Do you choose lighter fare? What do you enjoy to take to the beach, for example? What is the ultimate summer book? OR what are your favorite travel guides — official or unofficial guides? Again, an example, I think of Holidays In Hell by P.J. O’Rourke, of places I’d rather not vacation. Along those lines, where do you vacation? Any places you recommend or even don’t recommend?

I think I consume more war movies than war books. Good war movies: Blackhawk Down. Hotel Rwanda. The Devil Came on Horseback. (Maybe I just don’t mentally classify the books I’ve read the same way, though.)

I like these war movies because they tell truth. They’re not fun or easy to watch, but I believe the message is important.

Oh! Just thought of some more, this time not set in Africa: Schindler’s List, The Pianist, Life is Beautiful. As these depict a different aspect of war, they have a different truth to convey.

Summer reading
My reading habits don’t really change with the seasons. I’m not in school, and I don’t have children, so my life is not impacted much by the school calendar. That also means I don’t get the whole summer off. We sometimes take vacation time for nontraditional time away from work.

Next month we’re traveling to Florida for a family reunion. Seeing the people and all will be well and good (my in-laws), but I’m not looking forward to the climate at all. I am very fair skinned. Even with heavy-duty sunscreen, I burn quickly in intense sun. I’ve been known to burn in 10 minutes here in Northwest Arkansas, so being further south doesn’t help that. Plus, so much of Florida is swamp-land, and my husband is allergic to mold. The last time we visited, he was on allergy meds and miserable the whole time. Oh, and when we visited then, it was February, but it was still plenty warm for me. 🙂 That’s pretty much the extent of our vacation this year, other than the vacation days we spent in January for my brother’s wedding. [Surely this Florida thing won’t be quite as bad as I’ve depicted it here; I like to keep my expectations low so I’m not disappointed.]


14 responses to “WG: Memorial Day/summer kickoff

  1. First, I wanted to say that agree with all of your choices on movies, especially…well, no, all of them. 🙂

    Second, Mr. Linky is not working on Weekly Geeks, because of something that needs to be done to the template that I cannot do since I don’t have access as an administrator to the template. I’m just going to ask people to put the links in their comments instead. So…

    Third, if you wouldn’t mind going back to add your link via the comments, I’d appreciate it.

  2. Life is beautiful is a wonderful film. Begnini managed to make people laugh and cry at the same time, it’s a masterpiece.
    My reading habits to change much either. Happy weekend! Rikki

  3. My husband watches practically every war movie that comes out, so sometimes I sit and watch along with him. My favourite so far is the HBO series Band of Brothers, it’s so heartbreaking and touching.

    Have you heard of the product CMD? It’s not medicine, it’s just all pure minerals, concentrated, from the Salt Lake, and it helps with sunburns. My dad-in-law who is quite like you visited our beaches and he couldn’t sleep because of his burns. I put CMD on his skin and after an instant of pain, it all went away. He now refers to it as magic potion. I also use it for burns I get from cooking. The burns always go away, leaving no scars, for as long as I put CMD on the skin immediately. You can find it online (Concentrace Mineral Drops).

  4. I Love this…

    “I like these war movies because they tell truth. They’re not fun or easy to watch, but I believe the message is important.”

    War movies whatever they are – are apart of our history and not meant to be fun and sex up – some good choices you have there..

    I have kids so for me i have to have the books to go and the odd crossword puzzles in my bag at all times….


  5. I read more war books than watch war films. That being said, I haven’t seen any of the films you mentioned.

  6. I hadn’t even thought of the last three as being “war” movies, but you’re quite right. Thanks for that 🙂

  7. I can’t say I really enjoy war movies, but I watch them occasionally. Reluctantly. Although I recently got into watching Foyle’s War, which is set during WWII in Great Britain. It is a BBC series I think, and is about everyday life during the war. Pretty worthwhile.

  8. Wow, I didn’t even think of any of the movies you suggested, but of the ones I’ve seen, I’ve liked all of them too.

    I know what you mean about the low expectations. Hopefully your trip will rise above its potential!

  9. Hotel Rwanda is an impressive film. When I saw the movie I had just read a memoir of a woman who survived ‘Rwanda’ (amongst others by lying squeezed under a kitchen sink for days), so it hit me really hard.

    But.. I hated La vita è bella! 😉 So many people, so many different opinions 🙂

  10. I’m not a big fan of war movies. A lot of the books I read have wars in them though.

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