Words from my reading

Just one new to me word this week (apparently I haven’t been reading a great variety of books; I love learning new vocabulary!):

KubotanKubotans, pl n A close-quarter self-defense weapon developed by Takayuki Kubota, usually 5.5 inches long and 0.56 inch in diameter, slightly thicker or the same size as a marker pen
page 172, The Night Watchman by Mark Mynheir
“I told him he’d have to be on his best behavior when we arrived, and that under no condition could he bring any weapon into the prison — no knives, no brass knuckles, no saps, no Kubotans.”

I just started reading a book with lots of great words, so hopefully I’ll have a fuller words post next week.

Earlier installments of this feature (more great words!).

Reviews of books cited here:
The Night Watchman by Mark Mynheir

What new words have you found lately?


3 responses to “Words from my reading

  1. Wow! I’m not sure I could do much to defend myself with that! Thanks for participating.

  2. Did not know that word.
    I am glad that I have no need to utilize the word. 🙂

  3. That’s new to me, too. You’d have to be too close for comfort to use that as a weapon. 😉

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