Poetry and knitting

I’ve read a couple great posts recently at the Image blog about the intersection of poetry and knitting.

Late last month Peggy Rosenthal wrote about a way to enhance enjoyment and understanding of poetry by reading a line, knitting a row, reading the next line, knitting the next row, and so on.

I haven’t tried the reading idea out for myself yet, but I fully intend to do so. I haven’t figured out a good way to keep a book open while knitting, but at least with this technique I wouldn’t be needing to turn the pages frequently. And I do need a more constant reminder to slow down when I do read poetry, rather than rushing through and gleaning little.

Then, yesterday, Rosenthal posted again, musing about knitting imagery in poetry.

Rosenthal lists several examples of knitting being used in poetry, but she’s on the lookout for more instances (as am I, now). Do you have any to add?


One response to “Poetry and knitting

  1. Where’s the like button?

    Do this with something like The Wasteland and you’ll have quite a scarf!

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