Light from Heaven by Jan Karon

light from heavenLight from Heaven by Jan Karon (Viking, 2005), 384 pages

This is the ninth and final book in Karon’s Mitford Years series.

What do you get when you start with the beloved Father Tim and his wife Cynthia, children’s book author and illustrator, along with all our favorite characters from Mitford, North Carolina, and add sheep, cooking and baking, farming, animals, land, country life, and above-the-cloud vistas? Why, you get Light from Heaven.

This may possibly be my favorite book of the entire series.

I appreciated this book’s higher number of liturgical references, and I think there was also a broader assortment of literature mentioned — while it still cited Wordsworth frequently, he wasn’t alone this time.

I’m sad that I’ve reached the end of the series. I’m certainly glad that I won’t have to live without new stories starring at least one of these familiar characters, though. I’ll definitely dive into Karon’s Father Tim series soon.

My reviews of the previous books in the series:

  1. At Home in Mitford
  2. A Light in the Window
  3. These High, Green Hills
  4. Out to Canaan
  5. A New Song
  6. A Common Life
  7. In This Mountain
  8. Shepherds Abiding

The Mitford books website.

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3 responses to “Light from Heaven by Jan Karon

  1. I love this sweet, endearing series.

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