Online book launch party

The amazing Beth Kephart‘s (I’ve read her blog for ages, but alas I haven’t read any of her books yet, although I’m pretty convinced I’ll love them) tenth book was released last week. This is spurring online parties left and right, it seems.

First, My Friend Amy and Lenoreva announced a book drive and a party celebrating Nothing but Ghosts. The party’s tomorrow and will include a live chat with Kephart herself!

Then today I find that another blogger and writer, Anna Lefler, has also launched an extravaganza for Nothing but Ghosts. This party boasts a bootleg interview with Kephart, and it’s hilarious.

Both Lefler’s extravaganza and the book drive have great prizes.

It’s also spurred a conversation (again) about book bloggers’ part in the book industry.


2 responses to “Online book launch party

  1. Fabulous! Thanks so much for spreading the word!

    Off to reply to your email now…

    😀 Anna

  2. Thats so funny! I was able to be a part of the live interview and that was beyond cool!

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