Moving, part II

I’ve started noticing or taking note of things I’ll miss — the vistas are different here in the Ozarks from those on the Plains, even if I do appreciate the beauty of the Plains.

I’m also starting to make note of how little time we have left here, in a number of ways: As I did laundry this week, I realized I have only a couple laundry days left before the move.

I’m also kind of rebelling against the idea of packing. I don’t like how it requires one to take an orderly environment and create chaos, which one then has to live in for at least some amount of time before order is created in the new environment.

What we’ll miss most, though, is the people. We’ll definitely miss so many friends who live here. I said goodbye to a great friend, one of the best friends (I’ve never been one of those people who have a best friend or who can categorize their relationships well at all even.). I hope it’s not the last time I’ll see her before we move, and it certainly won’t be the last time I see her (probably even this year, in her opinion, although nothing’s scheduled), but it was really hard. Harder, even than it would have been if it was closer to our actual moving date.

Two days ago we sold the couch. The couch where I read. Where I blog and where I relax. When I’m at the computer, these days the laptop is generally with me at the couch. Except not anymore, because the couch is gone. We sold it, in preparation for moving, because it makes my husband sneeze. This is a good reason to sell it, but I’m still frustrated that I have no where comfortable to read or blog in the whole house. And not reading? Not an option when I’m as stressed as I am right now, surrounded as I am by chaos.

More questions have been answered. Fewer things are entirely up in the air. On this front, things are actually moving very quickly. It’s impossible to keep anyone updated — we’re having trouble staying on top of everything ourselves.

I’ve moved, for the most part, into fluff-reading territory. I don’t have the concentration or the expendable stress levels to handle difficult books at the moment. Which means I’ll likely be reading more (if I can find a comfortable place), which means I’ll have more reviews to write, which requires that comfortable place!

Ugh. Did I say I hate moving? That may be too strong. At the least: I’ll be glad when this is over.

Update on the chair situation: My husband found one, very inexpensively, and is on his way, in the rain, to pick it up and bring it home to me. Even if it’s not great, it should be an improvement over the current situation. Hopefully his luggage rack and tarp plan is sound! He posted about his chair hunt this morning.


3 responses to “Moving, part II

  1. It sounds like you feel sad, but new places turn into old places so fast! I know what you mean about hating chaos; I do too. But that too goes away before you know it, and soon you’ll be relaxing and blogging in the new chair!!!

  2. It is hard to say good-bye to dear old friends, but I’m confident that you’ll make new ones once you’ve moved. Good luck!

  3. Best of luck with the moving process! Although the thought of up and leaving sounds so appealing at times, I HATE the moving part. I hate saying goodbye, I hate selling my stuff, I hate packing. So I totally hear where you’re at!

    Hopefully things go smoothly and you make new friends quickly!

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