Weekly Geeks: World traveler

wg1This week’s Weekly Geeks question is about globe trotting through our reading (What fun!). I love reading about Asia, but I’m longing to add some west African countries to my have-read list as well. I’ve had a few books set in Cameroon on my wish list for more than a year now (I visited Cameroon … wow, it’s been a decade ago now). I also enjoy books set in Ireland and England, and all of Scandinavia.

The map showcasing the countries I’ve visited in my reading:

countries visited by reading
create your own visited country map

At first glance, when I saw my map, I thought it looked OK. Obviously I’d like to see more of it filled in, but I’m still working on it. But then I saw the statistics associated with it: 39 countries (17 percent). Yikes. Not good at all.

I did make an effort to think back through all I’ve read and attempt to be thorough, but I’m sure I’ve missed some — places I have read about but forgot to mark.

What countries have you visited in your reading?


12 responses to “Weekly Geeks: World traveler

  1. I think your map looks great! 39% is nothing to sneeze at!

  2. I’m impressed by your South American coverage. It is the one continent that I feel I am missing out on. I think 39 countries is very respectable though.

  3. uncertainprinciples

    Wow! That’s pretty impressive. I want to read more South American authors, but haven’t read anything other than Marquez.

  4. What a great idea! And I posted my Barcelona recap finally with the NOTHING BUT GHOSTS angle.

  5. I had 15%. I really need to do better. I ‘m going to save my map and update it every six months to see where I stand.

  6. It looks way better than mine, that’s for sure. Well done.
    Happy Weekly Geeks 🙂

  7. you covered a lot!

    I need to visit Central America and more of Africa!
    Weekly Geeks

  8. See my South America was blank, so I’m looking now for recommendations there

  9. You’ve done very well. If you are looking for an Australian book to enjoy look for DIAMOND DOVE (aka MOONLIGHT DOWNS) by Adrian Hyland, or THE BROKEN SHORE by Peter temple, or SHATTER by Michael Robotham

  10. I’ve read one or two books by Nigel Barley, an anthropologist who wrote about his time in Africa. I don’t know where all he visited, if all his books are about one place, or if there were many different ones, but that might help fill in some of your Africa map. His writing is funny and interesting, not dry academic stuff.

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