Coral Moon by Brandilyn Collins

Coral MoonCoral Moon by Brandilyn Collins, Book 2 in the Kanner Lake Series (Zondervan, 2007), 336 pages

My review of Book 1, Violet Dawn.

A malevolence is hovering over Kanner Lake, Idaho, and reporter Leslie Brymes is the first to see hard evidence of it — the battered body of a dear friend was placed in her unmistakable car. Paige is back, along with Bailey and the police chief, and this time we get to know a few of the other characters that were peripheral in Violet Dawn. Is the murderer really a ghost?

This book held my Interest because of its spiritual element.

I liked Leslie a lot more in this book than in Violet Dawn. I found her more believable as well.

All around, a quick read of a thriller.

I found this book head and shoulders above Violet Dawn. A good read.

Books in the Kanner Lake series:
1. Violet Dawn
2. Coral Moon
3. Crimson Eve
4. Amber Morn

I’ve also reviewed Dark Pursuit by Brandilyn Collins.

The author’s website, Collins’s blog, Forensics & Faith and twitter page.

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