Cover confusion

I’ve seen various people point out when multiple book covers use the same photo, and I always enjoy the posts. This, though, is the first time I’ve seen a cover randomly and been forced into a double-take, because I own a different book with the same cover image. I verified, and sure enough, it’s true.

I own this book, True Grit by Deborah Meroff:
true grit

And Carrie at Reading to Know posted yesterday about this book, Hollywood Worldviews: Watching Films With Wisdom and Discernment by Brian Godawa:
hollywood worldviews

The identical image. Both with black. Very different subjects. Wow. Confusing.


8 responses to “Cover confusion

  1. And scary! I don’t want that eye staring at me.

    • Actually, I always kind of liked the eye itself — at least for the top book, which I’ve read. I found the continents outline in the eye fun and clever. Why do you think it’s scary?

  2. Wow, they didn’t vary much in those 2 covers.

  3. That is really confusing and like Lenore said, kinda scary! That’s one crazy eyeball!

    You would think the publishers wouldn’t want their covers to look like any one elses. It’s so strange.

  4. Ha! It’s worst that there is no change at all between the two! It really looks like the same book!

  5. Yeah that’s pretty amusing when that happens! I can’t really account for why both covers were designed so similarly, but as for using the same photo, a lot of book designers sometimes pull their cover art from public domain photo databases such as istockphoto. Guess that’s one of the hazards!

  6. You would think the image would have been copyrighted (either by the publisher or artist). Why then jump through extra hoops to use this when they could have found something similar.

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