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No new words from my reading this week, but I’ve got some great ones in the pipeline. Instead, I thought I’d mention today that I’ve finally published my Words from my reading archive page. The page contains all the words I’ve listed in any of my months of posts, as well as the definition(s). The list has a lot of words already! The list lacks from four letters of the alphabet at this time. I’m taking that as a sort of personal challenge; now I have to keep searching my reads for new-to-me words (well, I would have anyway, but still).

What new words have you found in your reading lately?


6 responses to “Words page

  1. Oh my gosh, I love the idea of an archive page! Now, if I can find the time to work on one of my own!

  2. Nice!

    My new fave word is “struwwelpeter” which is German for “shock-headed Peter.” It describes a boy who does not groom himself very well–nasty hair, long nails, etc. I found an antique english version of Heinrich Hoffman’s book Struwwelpeter in a flea market in Gentry (Gentry’s downtown has got it going ON–much better than Siloam’s, I think) and I stood there and laughed my head off at the horrid cautionary tales for children. I now urge my son to go brush his teeth and not be a “struwwelpeter.”

    How’s Nebraska treating you?

    • Ohh, that’s a good word! Thanks for sharing!

      Nebraska is OK. Still trying to get settled. Hopefully we’ll start making our roman shades today (we have seven 4×8 windows).

  3. What a wonderful idea to have them all together. That must have been a lot of work unless you have a fancy WordPress plug-in that helped you do it. I like the way it looks – very helpful. Your own personal dictionary. You are giving me ideas.

  4. That is a brilliant idea, having a page of the words you’ve discovered!

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