Trending on Twitter: A read-a-thon mini-challenge

deweys-readathonbuttonWelcome, read-a-thoners! This Trending on Twitter mini-challenge will take place in two parts. For the first part, you must all work together to get the official read-a-thon hashtag — #readathon — trending on Twitter (if it’s not already).

If you’re not yet on Twitter, joining is quick and easy.

Then, while #readathon is a trending topic, take a screenshot capturing the high point and/or details of your joint success, and post this to your blog. Come back here and leave me a link to your post with screenshot, and you’re done!

Need a refresher on how to take a screenshot? This site has straightforward directions for both Windows and Mac users.

This mini-challenge will last just one hour. It will close at 9 a.m. CDT. Enjoy! I look forward to seeing what you can accomplish together! The winner will be chosen randomly from all those who post a photo to their blog and leave me a link in the comments.

The prize: A $25 gift card to the book store of the winner’s choice.


46 responses to “Trending on Twitter: A read-a-thon mini-challenge

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  2. I’m so excited it’s already trending Hannah! 😀 Here’s my post w/ screenshot:


    woo hoo~

    thanks for hosting the mini challange! I can’t wait to see it at number one!

  4. Here’s the link to my post.

    Thanks for hosting the mini-challenge

  5. Thanks for the mini-challenge!

  6. Here’s mine! Please scroll down to hour two. I’m currently keeping all my readathon updates on one blog link so it’ll be easier to paste around 😀


    Using Echofon for iPhone; here’s my post with a screenshot of the #readathon search. No “home page” or public stream on the app, but we were definitely trending at the time 🙂


    This is the link to the post for what I understand this challenge to be 🙂

    Great going…

  9. Exciting!!! I couldn’t get my screen print to work. I hope this counts.

  10. We’re trending!

    My Screenshot is at the end of the post.

  11. I can’t believe how quickly we got #readathon trending! Here’s a screenshot of my celebratory tweet:

  12. I overslept, but you all have been busy trending, which is fantastic!

    I’ll help now that I’m awake and reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Happy readathon!

  13. I’ve done the challenge and I hope it’s right…the screen capture is small, but I promise it has #readathon as a trending topic!!

    Here’s the link…you have to scroll to the bottom of the post!

  14. I had so many issues getting a screen shot to work. YAY for iPhones!

  15. Hey! My screenshot is here: – I hope it’s okay that I only screenshot part of the page instead of the whole page. You can see my background and the #readathon trending topic (which, btw, is totally awesome!!!!).


    It’s the first time I’ve ever used that little program with the sun on it….What a user of technology I am!

  17. my screenshot blows but it’s there. you may have to break out a magnifying glass to read it. 😛

  18. This is my first ever minichallenge, thank you so much ofr hosting it! 🙂 I put up my post at

  19. I’m so Twitter illiterate, but I think I figure out what you wanted!!


    A Patchwork of Books

  20. Ok, so after wasting 30 minutes trying to post a screenshot, here’s my pictureless post!

  21. Here is my challenge entry!

    How cool is it that I helped a trending topic. I am not a big twitterer

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