Wisdom Hunter by Randall Arthur

wisdom hunterWisdom Hunter: A Novel by Randall Arthur (Multnomah, 2003), 336 pages

Pastor Jason Faircloth is growing his already-large Atlanta church and feels his life is on track. Not that he stops to question that, or anything else. He lives out his know-it-all faith in the same manner and questions those who see things differently. But then disaster strikes. He travels the world in search of answers, healing, in search of the granddaughter he’s never met.

I knew I wanted to read this book, but when I picked it up and learned that 1) Arthur was a missionary, 2) he got fired because of this book, 3) he doesn’t regret that, and 4) the copyright is held by Eternal Perspectives Ministries, I really wanted to read it.

But then I opened the book, and in the first 4 pages I found 4 copy-editing problems, and I was reconsidering. Thankfully, that pace of mistakes didn’t keep up, and in the end I was mostly able to overlook them and focus on my love of this story. I wasn’t disappointed.

It points its finger at legalism in the American church — but then also shows the way forward. It paints a beautiful picture. This book was, at least in some small way, healing for me. Love it!

At a few points, the book seemed a little out-dated, especially in regard to technology, but that makes sense since it’s not a 2009 book (but rather a re-release).

A quote: “‘Therefore man should fear the easy routine way of life that weakens, but he should welcome the resistance-filled life that strengthens and makes wise.'” ~Yoma speaking, page 217

About the author
Randall Arthur is the author of Jordan’s Crossing and Brotherhood of Betrayal. He served as a missionary to Europe for more than 30 years.

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6 responses to “Wisdom Hunter by Randall Arthur

  1. Thanks for linking to my review. I did like it, though of course it was outdated in places.

  2. Interesting review. I’m not familiar with the author or Eternal Perspectives Ministries. However, I’m always on the side of the guy who gets persecuted/fired for speaking truthfully about the church and against legalism. I just might give this one a chance.

  3. Hmmm, I abandoned this one after about 100 pages, but I may have to reconsider.

  4. Hannah, I was looking on line this morning for a picture of this book and came across your review. I raved about this book as well as the other two books that Randall Arthur had wrote. I read this one and the others years ago and I kept checking every once in awhile to see if Randall Arthur had published anything else and sadly, he has now.

    I am not sure if these reviews are on my blog or not, as this was “pre blog” for me.

  5. Have you heard about Randall Arthur’s new book, Forgotten Road? You can watch the trailer here:

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