Facing facts

I have known for awhile now that I will not end up meeting some of my personal reading goals for 2009. And while this saddens me, what am I to do? For now, I’m simply laying it out there, acknowledging in public where I stand.

Unmet goal #1: I wanted to read 13 books from the Image Journal top 100 list I’ve made a perpetual challenge for myself. I read 11 in 2008, and I thought one a month plus one wouldn’t be too difficult. Ha! I’ve read 2 3 so far this year. I haven’t picked one up since February.

Unmet goal #2: I wanted to read 100 books in 2009. (I read 75 in 2008.) Now, while I have already surpassed 2008’s total — I’m at 78 right now for 2009 or an average of 7.8 per month — it seems highly unlikely that I’ll get 22 read in the last two very busy months of the year. Sure, this isn’t quite as out of reach as the first one, but …

A couple other goals aren’t yet in quite so much jeopardy.

• I still haven’t read my book (Prisoner of the State by Zhao Ziyang) for the Newsweek 50 Books of Our Times challenge (due before the end of the year).

• I haven’t started working on the Harry Potter challenge, which I signed up for in early August (true, it goes through the end of July 2010, so I’m not out of time yet).

• I also haven’t read any books by Nebraska authors yet this year, something I agreed to because I really wanted to highlight local authors and learn more about my new home state besides. Although this is open-ended, I’m still a bit bewildered by my lack of progress thus far.

I think I still need to work on setting reasonable, attainable goals. That somehow don’t stress me out but still urge me on.

So, how are you doing on your (stated or unstated) reading goals?


10 responses to “Facing facts

  1. I’ve well surpassed my 60 books this year goal (I hadn’t a clue how much I’d read, since this was my first year as a non-student), but haven’t really made any progress on the By the Decades ’09 challenge, reading 2 of the 9 books. I actually gave up on that some time back, and I’m okay with that. The point of goals is not necessarily to reach them, it’s to be going somewhere.

  2. I’ve completed several of my challenges, still need to finish several more. I did decided to drop 3 challenges I was struggling to finish and I’m find with that. I now have a better idea of the challenges that keep me engaged and that I can complete. This year was a great learning experience.

  3. I also have a few unmet goals this year. I haven’t read my book for the 50 Books of Our Time or started on the Harry Potter Challenge. I’m really starting to think challenges aren’t for me.

    I’m glad it’s not stressing you out.

  4. I pretty much meet 10 percent of my goals. I’m easily distracted. 🙂

  5. I’m not so great at reading goals either. I may finish my first challenge this year, though!

  6. It’s difficult for me to not meet goals also. I had a goal to read 6 Booker Prize novels this year that probably won’t be met, but on the other hand, I probably will meet my goal of 6 Pulitzers. There’s always next year!

  7. Jessica Coleman

    You’re not alone! I’ve met two challenge goals this year, but there’s another I probably won’t make, and three more that will be a huge struggle.

    Just keep in mind that having any kind of challenge probably means you’re reading more and better books than you would otherwise!

  8. I met some goals and am falling short of others. I refuse to feel bad about my reading!

  9. I’m incredibly easily distracted. I think if I put something on my “challenges” list I won’t get it done. I’m going to stop signing up for so many things come the new year and then maybe I can get my own projects done.

    I started a personal poetry project (21 specific poems) in February. and I haven’t read any of them yet. But then I didn’t give myself a deadline for it….

  10. BUT! You still have a wonderful blog!

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