Leaving Carolina by Tamara Leigh

leaving carolinaLeaving Carolina: A Novel by Tamara Leigh (Multnomah, September 15, 2009), 384 pages

This is the first book in Leigh’s Southern Discomfort series, with the second, Nowhere Carolina, due out in May 2010.

Piper Wick has made a life for herself. She’s a public relations consultant at a mighty firm in Los Angeles. She and her mom left their hometown of Pickwick, North Carolina years ago, and Piper is glad to be done with it and all it entailed. She’s now “engaged to be engaged” to a U.S. congressman (who’s also her client, by the way; she’s helping him with his re-election campaign). But then she gets a call from her uncle’s lawyer, back in Pickwick. Uncle Obadiah wants to change his will, to right wrongs done by the whole family of miscreants. His plan would also unearth long-buried secrets, naturally, including Piper’s.

The ending of Leaving Carolina was telegraphed from the very beginning. I was annoyed by the book — but especially by Piper, I think — for about the first 100 pages. Then, though, I kind of started getting sucked in, despite myself.

This is not high literature. Thinking back on it, days later, I’m still annoyed by this book. But overall it was a pleasant enough diversion. A light-hearted dip in the South by one who has erased all traces of it from her life and from her person years ago. But also about a person who calls herself a Christian but hasn’t been living that for a long time. She’s a bitter woman, who has shut herself off from so much. Maybe I need to stay away from all chick lit.

About the author
Tamara Leigh wrote for the historical romance novels for the secular market before being convinced that these books were missing something, so eventually she started writing inspirational romances for the Christian market. She is the author of quite a few other books, including Faking Grace.

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I received this book from the publisher.


4 responses to “Leaving Carolina by Tamara Leigh

  1. Sorry to see this book was a stinker for you.

  2. Thanks for your honest review. Sometimes I look at books like these and think they will be nice and relaxing reads, but it takes more energy for me to power through them than it did to get through Anna Karenina.

  3. Just here to say it was nice to see you at the InCourage giveaway. (Okay, it’s always nice to see you anywhere. 🙂

  4. I hadn’t had this one on my wish list to begin with — will keep that way.

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