Limelight by Melody Carlson

limelightLimelight by Melody Carlson (Multnomah, October 6, 2009), 384 pages

Claudette Fioré is in the twilight of her glamorous Hollywood life, but she’s in denial about that. Her beauty didn’t really bring her a hugely successful acting career, but it did bring her an enviable match. Now, though, a crooked accountant and the IRS have taken her wealth, and her beauty has faded. She is forced to face her past, which she happily walked away from as soon as she could.

Claudette was a hard character for me to like, or even relate to at all. I did not find her sympathetic at all. I had high hopes after reading (and really enjoying!) Carlson’s What Matters Most, but this book didn’t live up to those expectations for me.

I’m guessing this book would be a better fit for readers who enjoy knowing what’s going on in the lives of their favorite (and not so favorite) film stars.

One positive (and it’s a pretty big one): I did enjoy this book’s more hands-off treatment of the church and Christianity. It seemed quite unusual in that respect compared to the majority of Christian fiction.

About the author
Melody Carlson has written more than 200 books. She lives in central Oregon.

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I received this book from the publisher.


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