Book recommendations

I was chatting with one of my sisters-in-law last week, and she asked for recommendations for good Christian fiction books and/or authors. Isn’t this (or a variation on same) a question we all love to be asked?

I think I overwhelmed her with choices. 🙂

My first step was to ask what she likes, what she’s read.

Her response: She used to read a lot of Beverly Lewis, but she’s tired of it now; every book sounds the same. She read Ted Dekker’s Blink of an Eye and really, really loved it.

Based on this, I recommended (I’m recapping from memory here; the Facebook chat didn’t save):

  • Susan Meissner,
  • Melody Carlson,
  • Kathleen Y’Barbo,
  • Tamara Leigh,
  • Beth Pattillo,
  • and Allison Pittman.

Of course, I also threw in Rene Gutteridge, although she doesn’t write exactly the same type of books I think she was looking for.

Now I’m thinking I should have added Charlene Baumbich.

Any amendments, additions or deletions? (I have no idea why I’m suddenly quoting a standard city council meeting.) What would you have recommended? Do you agree with those I proffered?


4 responses to “Book recommendations

  1. I would add:
    Terri Blackstock
    Leif Enger
    Randall Arthur

    She may have read Terri Blackstock. I would recommend “Peace Like a River” by Leif Enger, and the “Wisdom Hunter” books by Randall Arthur.
    If she liked Ted Dekker has she read Frank Perreti?
    Hope this helps,I may be totally off because I have never met your sister-in-law.

    • I haven’t read Leif Enger, but I’m looking forward to doing so. Yes, she may have already read Blackstock (I’m not sure). She’s only read the one Dekker book, because she’s heard the rest of his stuff is kind of scary, and she doesn’t want that. Still, she may have read some Peretti, back in the day.

      I’ve read Wisdom Hunter, and it didn’t seem to quite fit what she was looking for this time.


  2. what type of genre? suspense? women’s fiction? romance? mystery? more literary fiction?

  3. If she likes that sort of romantic suspense (blink of an eye) than she might enjoy Colleen Coble and Susan May Warren. I love Susan May Warren! 🙂

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