Words from my reading

This is the last set of words from The Hidden by Tobias Hill:

collop, n A portion or piece, especially a small slice of meat; [archaic] a fold of fatty flesh on the body
page 267, The Hidden by Tobias Hill
“I don’t know, he said, and for a minute went on working at his second collop of moussaka.”

laniary, adj Adapted for tearing, canine: said of teeth
page 272, The Hidden by Tobias Hill
“Eleschen had christened it the Pigsty, and the name had stuck, just as Laco’s had, even as it grew obvious that it wasn’t that, Jason finding one by one the familiar evidence of another junkyard-midden: the smashed bole of an amphora, two burnished shards of tableware, a goat’s narrow shoulder blade scarred by laniary grooves.”

troglodytes, pl n Any of the prehistoric people who lived in caves, cave man; people who choose to live alone in seclusion, recluse; people who live in a primitive or degenerate fashion; anthropoid apes
page 283, The Hidden by Tobias Hill
“Twenty thousand years ago this was an acropolis of troglodytes.”

maquis, n A zone of shrubby plants, chiefly evergreens, growing in areas having a Mediterranean climate; a member of the French underground fighting against the Nazis in World War II
page 284, The Hidden by Tobias Hill
“The scrub gave way to maquis and he shouldered through.”

ophidian, adj Of or like a snake or serpent
page 310, The Hidden by Tobias Hill
“Eleschen was wearily spilling wine into three mismatched glasses: she held out one as he watched and Eberhard opened an eye and reached out to accept it in ophidian slow motion.”

shambolic, adj [chiefly British slang] Disorderly or chaotic
page 339, The Hidden by Tobias Hill
“He had gone a dozen paces when Eberhard called his name, disappointed and pacific, and he broke into a shambolic run.”

More, more, still more words from The Hidden — and yet another installment of words from The Hidden. Oh! And one more!
More great words on my Words from my reading page.

I can hardly believe I’ve finally gone through all my words from The Hidden! I hardly know what I’ll do next! 🙂

Review of book cited here:
The Hidden by Tobias Hill

What new words have you found lately?


4 responses to “Words from my reading

  1. I didn’t know any of these!
    Thanks for the post. And Merry Christmas to you.

  2. The Hidden is now known as the dictionary-needing book. I have a feeling you’ll find another book that will have you grabbing your beloved dictionary again.

    Hope you are in a warm place there in Nebraska. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  3. I’m with Margot – Id’ need a dictionary to read that one. Great words!

  4. Except for ophidian, I didn’t know any!

    Here is my Wondrous Words Wednesday post!

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