My (tentative) 2010 Reading Plan

I was moaning earlier this week that I hadn’t settled on a workable plan or set of goals for my reading in 2010. I had vague notions, but every time I went to pencil something down, I found fatal flaws.

This morning, though, I’ve settled on a plan that is at least worth trying. I’m optimistic that it will serve me well through 2010. (And perhaps beyond — hey, I can dream, right?)

One of the big challenges as I planned my 2010 reading was the limited number of books I read in a month. In 2009, I read less than 8 books per month. If my plan was to be successful, I must stay within that parameter. That limitation is really difficult, because I want to read so much, so many books! I’ve ignored (out of ignorance; I’ve only tallied my reading for a couple years) this factor in the past, to my chagrin.

OK, enough introduction.

My (tentative) 2010 Reading Plan (all figures are on a monthly basis):

• Less than 3 review books / firm review commitments per month (This includes all books with time lines — not all of them are review copies. It doesn’t necessarily include all review copies I already possess, though.)

• 1 book from the Image Journal top 100 list (This is a perpetual challenge for me (well, perpetual until I finish all the books on the list, anyway.)) I aimed for 13 books from this list last year and only read 3, largely, I believe, because I over-committed myself in other areas of my reading.

• 1 book related to the Social Justice Challenge. I am co-hosting the challenge, and it’s something I feel is important, after all.

• At least 1 book for the Harry Potter challenge (Ends in July! And I haven’t started yet! Gasp!) / library book / something written by a Nebraska author.

• At least 1 other (non-Image Journal list) book from my To-Be-Read shelves.

See that? I squeaked in at 7 books per month, which is perfect since I averaged 7.4 books per month last year. I’m sure there will be months I fail, but I’ve got a spreadsheet started, and it looks like a mostly workable plan. Oh, also? If a book fits multiple categories (except where otherwise noted), I’m counting it in multiple categories, which should give me a little more freedom in my reading while still maintaining the intentionality I’ve been craving. I’ve never been this

Do you have a plan for your reading for 2010? Does this seem worth trying?


16 responses to “My (tentative) 2010 Reading Plan

  1. Good plan–I had to cut out blog review books. I found myself committing to read books I didn’t like (and having to finish them).
    I need to come up with a plan to balance the books on my reading list with new ones that strike my fancy. I’m also addicted to Image’s recommended books. Can’t wait for The Russian Dreambook of Colour and Flight to come out!
    Completely unrelated: the girly flower knit hat in your Flickr photos–did you create the pattern? If so, are you willing to share? I absolutely love it!

  2. I had similar reading plans for 2007 and 2008. It helped me reach certain goals which had to be met. I kept going with a reading plan (although it was no longer necessary) up through May of last year. Now I am enjoying having greater freedom in what I chose and when I write my reviews. I am still doing challenges but I am giving myself permission to fail at them.

  3. You’ve set some nice goals – good luck!

  4. That’s a really great plan. I didn’t think of adding the number of books I read a month to my reading plan. I think I’ll go for eight adult books a month. I read a ton of children’s books so I won’t make a goal with them. Good luck.

  5. Good luck with your plans!

  6. I have a similar reading plan, but my numbers will be lower than yours (and the challenges are different). Looks good, and I’m glad you were able to get a handle on what you wanted to do!

  7. I like how you did your plan based on number of books you can realistically read in a month. I’m glad it all came together for you. Good luck and happy reading.

  8. Sounds like you have a really good plan in place! I have one too, but so far it hasn’t quite worked out as I planned. 🙂

  9. Seven books a month is VERY smart. (so are you)

  10. I dont really have a plan at this time. I have several challenges that I hope to really make it through by choosing great reads that fit into multiple categories. 🙂

    I just read when I can….

  11. These are great goals for the year!

    Good luck and have fun 🙂

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