Bookmark blast

handmade pressed flower bookmarkI made this bookmark when I was a child. I don’t remember how old I was at the time. But when Mom gave it to me recently, I immediately recognized it. I think the flowers have faded from their original colors in the probably 2+ decades.


7 responses to “Bookmark blast

  1. Oh my gosh! You’ve got to re-laminate it!

  2. That’s so pretty. I love it!

  3. So beautiful! And what a wonderful thing to have from your childhood! I’m pretty sure my mom and I threw all kinds of stuff from my childhood away 😦

  4. That is SO pretty! I hope you find a way to save it for future use!!

  5. I love that.

  6. That’s so pretty! I used to love pressing flowers when I was a kid, never thought to make them into bookmarks though! 🙂

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