Words from my reading

A few fun words that were new to me this week:

enjambed, adj Of a line, couplet or stanza of verse, ending partway through a sentence or clause that continues in the next
page 58, The Heart Is Not a Size by Beth Kephart
“Mr. Buzzby had written the last third of a poem called ‘Laundry’ on the board, and I had been given the job of explicating the enjambed lines, of saying how they advance the poem, an assignment about which Mr. Buzzby seemed excessively proud.”

rejets, pl n [French] A brief item (a few syllables followed by a sharp cut) syntactically related to the preceding verse, but deferred (“rejected”) at the beginning of the next verse for emphasis and surprise after the strong attenuation
page 59, The Heart Is Not a Size by Beth Kephart
“‘How does the poem change speed and meaning upon the successive rejets?'”

sulkies, pl n Light two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicles for one person each, used chiefly in harness racing
page 71, The Heart Is Not a Size by Beth Kephart
“The trailers were nose to rear up and down my street — some of them posh as limousines, some with room to spare for the polished carriages and sulkies that would be paraded later that week at the fairgrounds two blocks north.”

torrefied, adj Dried by fire
page 177, The Heart Is Not a Size by Beth Kephart
“Lobo wheezed like a saw on a torrefied log.”

More great words on my Words from my reading page.

Review of the book cited here:
The Heart Is Not a Size by Beth Kephart

What new words have you found lately?


8 responses to “Words from my reading

  1. Ooo, great list. I didn’t know a single one.

  2. good list this week, huh? …I especially like “torrefied”. Thanks for sharin’!

  3. Looks like lots of good words from the Kephart book. Sulkies is the only one I knew. We used to watch the sulkie races at the state fair. Great fun.

  4. I just learned enjambed last week from “The Anthologist” and imagine my surprise when this week I opened up “The Heart is Not a Size” and saw it again!

  5. The only one I knew was sulkies, and I’m not sure why I knew that one. Great words!

  6. Sounds like I would learn a lot about poetry from the Kephart book.

  7. Looks like you got some new words to remember and use. I love enjambed lines.

    These would be great for that Wondrous Words Wednesday meme.

  8. I should have written these down when I first saw them!

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