Today is one of those days where I have so much to tell you and so much to do that I don’t really know how (or where) to start. For now, I’ll give a few bullet points of randomness.

Yarn School is over, and it was a blast. After a last-minute case of nerves leading up to it, I overcame my fears and jumped. I learned a lot and I’ll have pictures to show soon.

• I had a great reading month in March (10 books), but April has been lousy, with only 4 books completed thus far. [In both January and February I completed 7 books.] I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised or saddened — after all, I moved and traveled this month, plus Maisie was sick for a bit [she seems fine now] — but I’m still a bit frustrated by this. Hopefully May will be better.

• I know, I still haven’t posted the winners of my blogiversary giveaway. Fear not, I’ve not forgotten. I’m just slacking or something.

• The post office called and said they *can’t* forward our mail. It’s a somewhat unique situation, but this is still kind of unfathomable to me. Argh.

• The house is still in somewhat of a state of chaos following the move. Not all of our stuff is even here yet, there are large piles of boxes in our small kitchen, and I don’t have room on my bookshelves to organize the books in any way. Most of the yarn/fiber room is still packed, as well.


3 responses to “Monday

  1. It sounds like an up and down kind of week! I hope you get settled soon and get your mail situation straightened out.

  2. Hang in there! 🙂 Life sounds busy and crazy for you right now – but the Yarn School sounds like it was a welcome and fun break from it all.

    Hope things settle back into the norm for you soon.

  3. stacybuckeye

    Moving can be frustrating. I didn’t know it may be impossible for the post office to forward your mail. That’s not good!

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