Yarn School recap: What I made

The following certainly isn’t all that happened at Yarn School, but bite-sized chunks are good, right?

These are batts I made on the Yarn School drum carders:

The fiber content of each is pretty broad.

The first yarn I successfully chain-plyed (also called Navajo plying):

Spun from hand-dyed wool top I got from The Sheep Shed Studio. It hasn't had its bath yet.

I didn’t take a photo of the yarn I spun long draw from rolags.

Fiber I dyed in the dye lab:

superwash merino

100 percent wool top, dyed in a crock pot

BFL (blue faced leicester) top

merino top

I feel like I went out on a limb on this one, and I was pleased with how it turned out.

All of it was incredibly exhilarating.

If I’m disappointed in anything, it’s that I didn’t spin more while I was there. That’s my own fault, though. Here’s the bulk of what I did spin:

Bobbin 1, half of 4 ounces of Hello Yarn colorway Gentler, merino top.

Bobbin 2, the second half of 4 ounces of Hello Yarn colorway Gentler, merino top. I plan to ply these two singles together.


8 responses to “Yarn School recap: What I made

  1. Stunning! I always have fiber envy after Yarn School.

  2. I wish I had this kind of talent – this looks amazing!

  3. It looks like it was a great success – I love all the colors!

  4. So Lovely!!! All your dyeing and spinning is just wonderful!

    p.s. here’s a link to the pic I took of you and Maisy!
    Hanna & her puppy

  5. nice..like ur idea….

  6. I love your colors and you yarn. Looks like you had a successful yarn school experience. Too bad I’m not near you with my needles.

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