New bookshelves

For the first time since June or July 2009, all my books are unpacked.

left bookshelf

This shelf has my fiction collection on the top and most of my nonfiction collection on the lower shelves.

right bookshelf

This shelf houses my to-be-read books. Alas.

My husband built these lovely shelves, and I’m thrilled to have them! My books aren’t exactly organized yet, but at least they’re accessible! Having the boxes unpacked and in aesthetically pleasing shelves will help both of us feel more settled in our new home, too.

I was tempted to wait to take and post photos until the room was picked up and the shelves were more organized, but I decided you’d probably rather see the shelves sooner, even if it means you’ll have to ignore a bit of clutter. 🙂


9 responses to “New bookshelves

  1. What’s sad is that these are larger than the ones I built in in Arkansas, and they’re already mostly full 😉

  2. Nice bookshelves!

  3. Beautiful! I just love salivating over others’ shelves.

  4. Wow, those look really great!

  5. Yay! Such a great feeling to get one’s books on the shelves.

  6. Your husband did a fantastic job! I wish he’d build some for me!

  7. I love book shelves and these look wonderful. I see Wolf Hall on them… that chunkster is on my shelf too…. still unread.

  8. I love the shelves! Can your husband come over and build some here 🙂

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