See the ‘Scene’ of my blog!

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Cathy‘s great weekly feature, Scene of the Blog, in which she shines her spotlight on the places where another blogger blogs. I always love looking at the photos. Well, today it’s my turn under the microscope, erm …

What was I saying? Oh yeah! 🙂 You can peek inside my house and see where I blog today at Kittling: Books. I hope you’ll check it out.


10 responses to “See the ‘Scene’ of my blog!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your space – and oggling over the lovely picture of your bookshelf. I am not sure that I would ever leave that comfy chair to do any household chores 🙂

  2. I just checked your space out and it looks a great place to relax!

  3. Loved seeing your space, Hannah! And I love the bookscase your hubby made.

  4. Enjoyed looking at your blogging and reading spot today, Hannah. Only problem was I couldn’t see all the titles of the books on your shelves. LOL

  5. Looks like a wonderful place to read and blog! Love the bookcase too.

  6. Looks like a wonderful working and reading space Hannah!

  7. I loved your Scene of the Blog post and getting to see your space! Looking forward to visiting your blog more in the future!

  8. Thank you for being such a wonderful guest on Scene of the Blog!

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