Tour de Fleece, finish line

The Tour de Fleece ended yesterday. And I wore my [figurative] yellow jersey — I won, I accomplished my goals and then some!

What I made since the last update

I’ve been busy!

The first of two skeins made from the wool I was in the process of spinning last time. I'm calling this colorway (dyed by me) Celebration.

The second skein from that 8 ounces of Celebration. One is 276 yards, the other 280 yards.

On Challenge Day (July 22) I pushed myself to make this, my first singles yarn. I also spun all 4 ounces in one day. Wensleydale wool, from Spunky Eclectic, colorway Cold Front; 665 yards

This is merino, from Art Club (purchased at Yarn School); 4 ounces yielded 350 yards of super-squishy 2-ply.

After all those long wools — the Wensleydale, plus the Norwegian are both definitely long wools — going back to merino was a bit of a shock and definitely required some adjustments! The color on that pink one isn’t very true; I love the variations in the yarn!

Final stats

All my Tour-de-Fleece-spun yarns, all stacked up.

Totals: More than 3,054 yards of finished yarn, spun from 2 pounds, 4 ounces of fiber.

Observations, notes

  • I started looking at new spinning wheels. I don’t have the money, and I don’t need a new one yet exactly, but in the last couple weeks I did come within sight of the point where my current wheel won’t keep up with me. This is both exciting and disappointing. I still want a drum carder more, though.
  • I fit 8 ounces of singles on one bobbin [very carefully, when I didn’t know it was 8 ounces]. This is a very pleasant surprise, but I’m not sure I’ll attempt that again.
  • I think I’ll have to spin a sweater lot next time.
  • I’ve had great fun, accomplished more than I even hoped.

I’ll leave you with this video of my noisy four-legged helper:


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4 responses to “Tour de Fleece, finish line

  1. All the yarns stacked up are absolutely beautiful! It truly inspires me to take a knitting class!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed all the Tour de Fleece posts. This definitely falls in the category of “things I will never have to opportunity to do in life” – and so reading about your experiences has been so satisfying – and educational.

    There is something quite perfect about the sheep dog barking at the spinning wheel that is creating yarn from a sheep’s wool. So idyllic for a suburbanite like myself.

  2. It’s like Maisie the sheepdog knows you’re working with wool! The colors are gorgeous.

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