Reading while traveling

I’m excited to attend Hutchmoot this coming weekend — and while I’m at it to meet My Friend Amy!

One positive aspect of pre-trip preparations (I really don’t like packing) is choosing what books to take. Here’s what I’m currently thinking:

It’s not a long trip but not just a weekend, either. Sometimes I read less on the road than I would at home, but sometimes I get some quality book time in. I do have a knitting project on the needles for the trip, as well. It’s a new design I’m working on from handspun, as part of the 4! Ounce! Challenge!

Even if I don’t end up reading a ton, though, I need to take more books than this to feel comfortable (Those two for me are both quite short, and I’m already partway through one of them!), but I haven’t figured out yet what else to take. Guess I’d better go stare at the bookcase for a bit …


10 responses to “Reading while traveling

  1. Oh, you definitely need to take more than that! You have to be prepared for every contingency!

  2. I was thinking the same thing this morning. If and what books should I take with me to the “moot”. I am thinking about taking The Rommel Papers.

    Once I figured out how to read Godric I enjoyed the book.


    • There’s a trick to reading Godric? Will you let me in on the secret, please?

      • I know that this sounds strange, but once I looked at each chapter as a story in itself it became easier to read. I would read a chapter then put the book down for awhile and do something else. Over a few day I had finished the book.


  3. Ahh yes, one of the eternal questions. I can never decide which books to pack.

  4. I always love the question of what books to bring – or maybe it’s more like, angst over the question of what books to bring! I usually bring way more than I could possibly read if I had triple the time, but I hate the idea of not having choices.

  5. Have fun with Amy. I remember her adventures with G.K. Chesterton. It’s good that you seem to enjoy him more.

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