Belated road trip fun

Alternatively titled:

Yarn, and inspiration

On our way to Hutchmoot earlier this month we had time for a few fun stops.

The Loopy Ewe

Chewy Spaghetti (fingering), in Nostalgic — I got this one to test a specific idea, which I haven't gotten around to swatching since I bought it!

Madelinetosh Sock, in Victorian Gothic — I just love this color!

As we were driving, I’d been knitting away on the project I’d brought, forsaking reading for the knitting at least in part because I’m more able to converse while knitting than while reading (I hope I’m not alone in this!). I was also really enjoying knitting with my handspun, but as we neared St. Louis I started to worry: If I kept up this pace, I’d likely finish this project before we were back home, and I had only the one project with me. The horror! So when I realized The Loopy Ewe was in St. Louis, where we’d have a bit of time, I looked up the address and phone number (and map) on my phone, but since I couldn’t discern clear directions that way — And I wanted to make sure they were open! — I called them.

I came home with a couple new yarns (Right after we’d left I realized that if I had wanted to use the yarn on the trip, I should have had them ball it at the store, alas.) and a new set of sock needles (no photo of those). I had a great (if hurried) time looking at all these lovely yarns, so many of which I’d never seen up close before.

After The Loopy Ewe, we made a planned stop at the St. Louis Art Museum (It’s cracking me up that its URL is SLAM!), to see the temporary exhibit Form in Translation: Sculptors Making Prints and Drawings, open through September 19.

A cameraphone capture of an etching by Jennifer Losch Bartlett, Day and Night. I'm using this as the inspiration for a large knit blanket — I've been swatching and sketching.

I don’t want this to get too long, so I think I’ll stick with that. These were by far the highlights of the travel-section of our recent road trip.


4 responses to “Belated road trip fun

  1. Sounds like fun! I’d love to get a peek at the project you were working on.

  2. Oooooh new yarn. What fun.

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