On genre labels, and more

I’ve been reading and reading and reading for the INSPYs, which has left little time for blogging. A few random notes, though (cobbled together by bullets):

  • I’d never considered what genre the majority of Christian fiction falls into, but when I heard it called women’s fiction by Mike Duran, in a comment on his post about edgy Christian fiction, it made complete sense, as I’ve been immersed in a steady, gorging diet of such books recently.
  • I’ve really liked some books labeled women’s fiction and really hated others.
  • I do hate that it’s called that, though. The whole gender bias. Argh.
  • On communication: We heard that Grandma had been to see the pulmonologist and that she now had an appointment with the heart surgeon. I was stressed the whole day, distracted, waiting for word. A day or so afterward, we learned her appointment had actually been with the eye doctor, not the heart surgeon. How do these kinds of miscommunications happen? It’s like we’re kids again, sitting in a circle and playing telephone.
  • I have so much I want to write about, but I don’t feel like I have the time to write it.
  • I had a really great time at the Nebraska State Fair this past week. I spent most of my time hanging out in the fiber arts section, looking at all the knitted and crocheted and woven projects, as well as the handspun yarn. The best part, though, was meeting a couple of members of the local weaving and spinning guild.
  • As I tweeted earlier this week, books published with glaring errors really irritate me:
  • This reading a ton of books but not blogging at all? Not the best combination.
  • It was great for Maisie to have a few days with another dog who would play with her, but apparently this:


    yields a puppy who is filthy dirty more than twice as fast as normal. Sigh. Guess what’s on the To Do list for today?

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3 responses to “On genre labels, and more

  1. Poor editing really bothers me too. I’m worn out just from watching Maisie and her friend play.

  2. Yup, on all counts. No time to write the many things I want to write and yes most Christian fiction is for women. GRR

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