I love reading, really I do. But now, when I’m forced to read, I want to do almost anything else.


  • research new blog themes
  • switch themes
  • knit
  • spin
  • organize the yarn room
  • look up all the upcoming new moons and put them on my calendar (for potential star gazing)
  • watch football
  • take a road trip
  • reorganize my bookshelves
  • draft a gazillion blog posts, but never get around to posting them

Well, I think you get the idea, anyway.

So, yes, I do like reading. But I’m not sure how much I’ll be reading in October. (Less than 6 days away!)


9 responses to “Saturday

  1. I hear you! It’s not even being forced to read but being forced to read certain books of which I normally read 2-3 a year!

  2. I totally understand that. I have to read certain books for class and also try to get in my pleasure reads. Sometimes, I’m just booked out and need to veg or find something else to do. Right now, I’ve got six books on my night stand and I am desperately trying to figure out which one is next, on top of the massive book reviews and papers for classes. Luckily though, I think it just comes in cycles and things do get better. Pretty soon, the books will be professing their undying love for you 🙂 But, take a break if you need it.

  3. I try to keep a nice mix of my reads…. one for a review I agreed to, and one of my own pick. I too get overwhelmed at times with the ones waiting for me but I have concluded that I am only human…. they will have to wait. (Sometimes the outdoors calls me, and travel, and family and friends.) 🙂

  4. I am definitely the same way sometimes. I will do anything to avoid reading on those days, and I hate feeling like that. I guess we all need a break sometimes.

  5. I’m often that way with required reading, I can think of anything and it is bound to be more interesting than what I have to do at that moment.

  6. I can totally relate. How I wish there were more hours in the day – or I didn’t need to sleep. I hope you find some balance this week.

  7. I know that feeling! I have so many things I want to do, reading is just one of many! I am glad you find time though, I love reading what you have to say

    I recently gave you an award, so keep it up!

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