Spoiler-free guarantee

I really hate to have a book spoiled for me. To this end, I don’t read reviews of books I’m already planning to read, nor do I read the full back cover (or dust jacket) synopsis. Why oh why are major spoilers sometimes included in this promotional copy?!? I like to go into a book knowing as little about it as possible, particularly plot-wise.

Because of my feelings on this matter, I craft intentionally short summaries for my reviews. The majority of my book summaries are 3 sentences or shorter — more than a few of them are only 1 sentence. They’re so short I kind of don’t think summary is a good descriptor. Perhaps I should call them something else, but I haven’t yet figured out a suitable substitute.

This and all Word Lily reviews is spoiler free, guaranteed!

In the meantime, I want you, my readers, to know that you can read Word Lily with confidence. I value your reading experience enough that I try very hard to keep from spoiling books for you. To demonstrate this, I’ve created this little seal, which I’ll place on reviews going forward.

Go forth! Read fearlessly!

Word Lily reviews: Guaranteed Spoiler Free.


12 responses to “Spoiler-free guarantee

  1. This is my eternal dilemma! I don’t personally like to be spoiled but on the other hand, writing short reviews is no longer satisfying me. I want to discuss the book! Nicole and I actually talk about this a lot, LOL.

    Cute seal!

    • It’s definitely a back-and-forth thing for me, too. I guess this is mostly just a recognition of what I’ve been doing, and maybe for me that discussion doesn’t exactly belong (or happen!) in my reviews? I dunno. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Minor things like what you would find on the dust jacket don’t bother me… but I get so mad when I’m reading a review and then they something along the lines of “so then the twist at the end is that (blah blah blah)” That happened with a book I planned on reading and I was so mad!!!

  3. The problem is that one persons spoiler is another persons teaser – sometimes the blurb on the back of the book goes too far for me. It is great to see your seal – it would give me more confidence to read your review of a book I was planning to read in the near future.

  4. I try my hardest not to include spoilers in my reviews but if I do, I always warn my readers. I usually avoid reading reviews before I have read the book.

  5. I feel pretty strongly that reviews should be spoiler free. I think people want to know why they should read the book- but if I tell them what happens, why would they then bother to go get the book?! I think posts that discuss the book should actually be labeled as discussions rather than reviews so as to avoid disappointing a reader by giving away too much in a “review.”

  6. I agree. I try really hard not to give away key points about the book and try to keep my synopsis to no more than what the book is about. Like Amy, I get into a great book and I just want to – have to talk about the book. This is where the spoiler page comes in.

    I like the Wordlily Guarantee seal!

  7. Great little button, and great idea! I, too, keep my summaries very short. I hate it when a pub summary spoils the book.

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