Not measuring up

Paul and I were talking over lunch about kitchen remodeling plans. Part-way through, I went to get my tape measure to take a couple measurements. Now, I have the lame tape measure in the house. My husband has more than one good quality, long, carpenter’s tape. But me? I’m relegated to this cheapo one. I guess it’s not as bad as one of those tool kits designed especially for women, though. My hammer doesn’t need to be pink, thankyouverymuch.

But back to the story of the day.

While playing with the tape measure at the dinner table, I noticed two mistakes on the actual tape measure itself. I’m not saying it counted the inches wrong, but this is still bad.

tape measure

Did you see it? 2-7/16 inchs. Not inches, which would have fit. Then problem number 2:

tape measure 2


It’s not even consistent with itself! The front states the case is a quarter-inch wider than the back claims, although the front and back are the same size. Hmm.

Moral of the story: Copyediting matters in all areas of life.


2 responses to “Not measuring up

  1. “Moral of the story: Copyediting matters in all areas of life.”

    As a copyeditor, I couldn’t agree more! I find mistakes on the strangest stuff all the time.

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