‘Cross-country’ road trip: my vote

A book I read recently (not named to protect the innocent) called a drive from Austin, Texas to New Orleans a “cross-country road trip.”

Now, I don’t think this should be considered a cross-country drive. Texas and Louisiana are bordering states! It’s surely not that far.

I ranted about this to my sister, and we came to a rough agreement. I told my husband about it. It’s been several days now, though, and I still can’t get it out of my head, so I’m bringing this to you (collectively).

In my mind, at least one of the criteria in determining if a road trip qualifies as cross-country is the number of state lines it crosses. I think, at a bare minimum, a cross-country road trip must cross at least two state lines (i.e., traverse parts of at least 3 states). But I think this is a limited definition. It doesn’t mean much to cross two state lines, for example, back East, where so many states are tiny.

So in addition to crossing at least two state lines, what other criteria should I add? Minimum number of hours and/or miles? Creation of a trip-specific playlist? Are certain snacks necessary for a cross-country road trip? You tell me.

What are your criteria for a cross-country road trip?

You can vote in the poll and leave comments, as well. Either works. I just want to know what you think constitutes a cross-country road trip.


10 responses to “‘Cross-country’ road trip: my vote

  1. When I hear cross country trip – I think from one coast to the other.

  2. Oh my gosh – that’s my town, right in the middle. Beaumont. Now I wouldn’t consider that trip cross country, but if you’ve ever driven across Texas, you know why someone might just think that.

  3. Um, I have made the trip from Austin, TX to New Orleans, LA, and it is in no way a cross-country trip! Now, driving from the Austin area to Maine and back with my parents as a child, THAT was a cross-country trip. One should actually, well, cross the country. =P

  4. I don’t like any of the poll options!!

    I’d say from one side of the country to another. For instance, I have driven from PA to CA and back. That’s cross-country, even though it isn’t coast to coast. New Orleans to Austin is a road trip, not a cross-country road trip. Ha. Now New Orleans to CA? Sure. I’d even give Austin to CA (depending on which part of CA) as cross country too.

  5. Haha! Awesome post. I have been on several lengthy roadtrips and have never been cross-country. Even last year when we drove through TEN states. That’s a fifth of the US. If we drove from Dallas to the east coast, then maybe I’d consider that cross-country–but for some reason I don’t count heading west cross-country. Not really sure why!

    But, agreed. Wimps. We can drive for 10 hours and still be in Texas for goodness sakes. 😉

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