Fiber Arts Friday: Sock hunt

Last week I mentioned the Rivulets sock (Rav link). Early this week, I got past the heel (for the second time), and once again I have to rip back. The sock’s foot is too long!

Here it is, before I got that far:

Yarn: Araucania Ranco Multy, in colorway 328. For more information, see my Ravelry project page.

I really love the yarn’s colors, and while I’m not convinced the variegation is the best match for this pattern, I don’t have enough of a solid-color sock yarn stashed that I want to use for it. And I think I’m committed to finishing this sock at this point. I’m grateful, though, that I’ll only have to rip out the heel this time and won’t have to start completely over.

I discovered that the Rivulets was too long right before leaving for knit night, and I was flailing around for a project to take. I finally just grabbed a skein of sock yarn and hoped to find a good toe-up pattern (since I’m determined to make sense of toe-up construction!) at the shop.

Well, I didn’t find a sock pattern that interested me, so I just cast on for a basic short sock to keep my hands busy. I got a little worried about the yarn pooling on the heel flap, but I figured that it was just the heel flap and all would be resolved once I was back to working in the round. But. The unsightly pooling continued through the gusset, and only worsened once I returned to even knitting. Alas!


I desperately want your sock patterns! What’s your favorite nonbasic sock pattern? (I’ve done plenty of plain socks and want to branch out.) I’d especially like to hear about the ones that will work with troublesome pooling or handpainted yarns.

Help, please!

For more Fiber Arts Friday fun, visit the roundup at Wisdom Begins in Wonder.


10 responses to “Fiber Arts Friday: Sock hunt

  1. OMG — I love that sock.

  2. Very nice. Take care with machinewashing. My auraucania socks felted and finally were too small!
    greetings from Germany

  3. My favorite sock patterns are: Monkey by Cookie A, Summer Sox by Cookie A and Spring Forward by Linda Welch…you can find all of them on Ravelry or in my finished projects on Ravelry. Good luck finding the one that’s right for you.

  4. Definitely go with AllyB suggestions because she is a sock knitter. I, on the other hand, am a knitted sock lover. Oh, I have patterns and yarn but I have managed to get the knitted socks without having to knit a pair. I’m afraid to get addicted to sock…knitting so I haven’t tried yet although, I just knit fingerless mitts in size 3 needles so…I’m easing my way there.

  5. What a pretty sock! I’m no help to you in your pattern search, as I’m still learning my very first sock. Good luck!

  6. This ifornmtaion is off the hizool!

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