Divine Appointments by Charlene Ann Baumbich

Divine Appointments: A Novel by Charlene Ann Baumbich (A Snowglobe Connections Novel, book 2) (WaterBrook, September 21, 2010), 336 pages

Josie’s in her late 40s, combating hot flashes and, for the first time, realizing that she didn’t exactly picture herself alone at this point in her life. On top of that, this year’s job, a one-year contract to clean up and slim down Diamond Mutual is more of a challenge than any other. Will she fulfill her contract on time?

I really liked how subtle the connection was between the first Snowglobe Connections book, Stray Affections [my review], and this one.

This book (and the one preceding it, actually) doesn’t have the pervading sense of wonder and mystery that I associate with elements of magical realism, but this story does have an object that behaves abnormally. The reason I wouldn’t call it magical realism is because the characters think it’s strange, crazy even, when such things happen, rather than taking it in stride.

The timing for this book’s release feels apropos to me, in that it deals with a down economy.

Although published by a Christian publishing house, Divine Appointments has little talk of God. Only secondary characters actively believe or even wrestle with faith — although their faith does seem to pervade the book.

One aspect of the book I didn’t enjoy was the inclusion of pieces of one character’s novel-in-progress; sure, it at least sometimes presented a different angle on a situation in the book, but I was distracted by the transition and annoyed by the poor writing.

Like Stray Affections, I quite enjoyed this story. Baumbich, I think, does a good job connecting to her readers. Her characters are relatable, down to earth.

I’ll continue reading this series, and I’d like to get my hands on the Dearest Dorothy series.

About the author
Charlene Baumbich (@TwinkleChar) is passionate about rejuvenating lives through humor. In addition to the Snowglobe Connections novels, she’s the author of the Dearest Dorothy series and several nonfiction books. She and her husband live in Illinois.

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One response to “Divine Appointments by Charlene Ann Baumbich

  1. Nice review! Glad to see that you enjoyed the series…definitely agree on the author’s ability to connect to the reader. That talent has been displayed in both novels so far. Thanks for the review mention as well. Happy reading!

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