Fiber Arts Friday: Amigurumi challenge

amigurumi, n A stuffed animal toy usually made from crocheted yarn and having an oversized head

I’ve had a couple amigurumi on my to-make list for years, but until this week I’ve never gotten around to making a softie. Now, I’ve made several.

Last Friday (on Twitter, where else?), I told Alea (@mint910) that she should challenge me to make one so I’d actually get around to it. And she did. She gave me a deadline of November 10, but I’ve already completed it.

The first one I made is knitted.

Knitted gnome; my Ravelry project

Then I made a crocheted one.

Then I made the one my husband thought I should make (also crocheted).

I’m not happy with my embroidery on either the kitty or the Ewok. Mostly on Miuku (the cat), the face should all be a bit higher, but especially the eyes. She’s pretty tipsy even though I put a few pennies in her base.

The Ewok, especially, was a TON of work. And I’m especially displeased with his mouth. But what’s done is done. I knew I wasn’t particularly skilled at embroidery; maybe I should have thought about that before I embarked on this challenge! The Ewok (also weighted) stands much better on his own than the cat.

I kind of want to make a bunny nugget next.

Bunny Nuggets, projects and photo via Knitting Zeal.

Have you tried your hand at amigurumi?

Fiber Arts Friday

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15 responses to “Fiber Arts Friday: Amigurumi challenge

  1. I think they’re all adorable!!

  2. The Ewok is my fav!

  3. Oh I love these so much and would love to learn how. My grandmother taught me how to crochet, but all I can do is a straight line (to make a scarf or such). LOL–need someone here to teach me! 😉

  4. I have not made any amigurumi yet… but I do have an elephant on my list. The kitty is adorable, I think she will go on my list too.

  5. Oh the Ewok is calling me home! Are these on Rav as patterns?

  6. Adorable! I love them!!! I also find embroidery to be a pain… Something about it is always the hardest part to me. They all look fantastic. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Gonna friend you on Rav!

  7. Oh, the gnome, the Ewok, the cat, the bunny nuggets! All too cute.

  8. I haven’t done anything as small as these, but I did finish my third hedgehog Tuesday night! The fourth is drying, but should be stuffed and ready to wrap tonight. Check them out in my projects on Ravelry, or better yet, venture down to Hastings and see them! 🙂

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