Fiber Arts Friday: Spinning

Word Lily spins

I’ve been spinning, and it’s lovely! I had been almost aching to get back to the spinning wheel.

I spun this singles yarn from a mini batt I carded at Yarn School earlier this year. It's so soft and squooshy! Not sure what I'll make with this yet, I've got about 100 yards.

This is merino, from roving that I dyed at the fiber festival in Iowa this summer. It's about 2 ounces, and almost 100 yards of 2-ply. So lofty! I think this wants to be fingerless mitts, I just need to find the right pattern.

I’m working on a larger spinning project now, about 6 ounces of merino. I’m into my last ounce, and then I’ll 2-ply it, hopefully for sport-weight socks. It’s not ideal sock yarn (only two ply, not superwash, no nylon), but it’s what this yarn needs to be.

I really love spinning, can you tell?

Fiber Arts Friday

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19 responses to “Fiber Arts Friday: Spinning

  1. I’ve been feeling the spinning bug lately too. Your yarns are beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous! I love your taste in color!

  3. I think it’s beautiful!

  4. Love that second skein! Beautiful!

  5. The colours are beautiful. Whatever you choose to make with it will be wonderful.

  6. I love both the yarns but I especially love the second yarn.

    Now…don’t freak out about your yarn not being sock worthy. I just had an amazing knitter make me some sassy socks using a yarn that I had the mill make from my Sunshine. It was a two ply 55%Suri Alpaca 25%Merino 20%Nylon so not superwash, not spun like sock yarn….but turned into the most heavenly pair of socks you can imagine so…just put all that sock loving energy into your spinning and that yarn you create will become a lovely pair of socks.

  7. I love to spin, too-your yarns even look soft and squishy-great colors too

  8. What beautiful colors! I especially like the second one.

  9. I LOVE merino wool. I haven’t ever spun it or dyed it, but oh to knit with it. Sigh. I really should drag my wheel out again. I haven’t spun in years and years.

  10. That’s so pretty! That will make really pretty socks, or something else.

  11. That first picture has some of my favorite colors! You are so talented!

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