‘Everybody loves The Camel Song’

When I saw that “The Camel Song” was the song of the day at The Rabbit Room today, I immediately had visions of playing the silly song on repeat, all day long.

My husband had other ideas. After playing it once, his refrain became “OK, time to play something else. Need to get this song out of my head.”

There go my dreams. So sad. Oh wait! Maybe I’ll try headphones …

I do take issue with one line of the song, though: “Everybody’s favorite Christmas mammal.” What about sheep? Fibers from each are spinnable, but sheep don’t spit. That’s a big plus in my world. 😀

I loved the song when I heard it at Hutchmoot, and it still made me smile this morning.


2 responses to “‘Everybody loves The Camel Song’

  1. Hearing this at Hutchmoot and laughing so much is a very special memory. 🙂

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