Resurrection in May by Lisa Samson, Faith ‘n’ Fiction Round Table

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Resurrection in May by Lisa Samson (Thomas Nelson, August 3, 2010), 336 pages

May Seymour’s graduated from college, but she’s still adrift. So when she has a chance to go to Rwanda on a mission trip, she takes it. She’s there as the genocide begins.

I participated in a Faith ‘n’ Fiction round table discussion of this book.

The writing is mesmerizing. The characters are beautifully drawn, so very human.

I quite enjoyed the journalism and photography aspects of the story. I found the rural Kentucky setting endearing.

It was an angle on the Rwandan genocide that I hadn’t experienced before, and I quite appreciated it (as I have other representations). It doesn’t, by any means, replace the need for Hotel Rwanda and the like, but it does provide a different aspect of the story. I think this story is a bit more accessible than some others, because it doesn’t begin and end in the genocide.

The healing, forgiveness, growth and resurrection themes were profound, gorgeous.

Really a great book. Awesome. All the praise I’ve heard for Lisa Samson is warranted, based on this book. I’m glad I finally read one of her books; this will definitely not be my last Samson read.

About the author
Lisa Samson lives in Kentucky.

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10 responses to “Resurrection in May by Lisa Samson, Faith ‘n’ Fiction Round Table

  1. I would like to read Resurrection in May. I have put off reading a book about the Rwandan crisis. I’m ready now to read one. I think.

  2. I just read Amy’s review of this book and what she said interested me… over here I see where you mention the Rwandan genocide which is also a topic I am interested in…. consider me sold on this one.

  3. I’ve read a few great reviews of this. It looks like a beautiful book. The only experience I have with Rwanda, outside of cold hard facts, is Hotel Rwanda so this might be a nice (nice?) departure…

  4. Wonderful review. I have not read anything by Lisa Samson but I will have to add this to my to-read list. Sounds like a very touching and thought provoking book. By the way, I love the name of your blog too! 🙂

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