My mom’s having surgery this morning. It’s been scheduled for a few weeks, and it’s an outpatient procedure. But still. She’s my mom.

I’d appreciate your prayers for everything to go smoothly, for the operation to be successful, and for her recovery to be quick and without hurdles.


11 responses to “Surgery

  1. Praying for her, Hannah – and you! Having had our eldest just go through emergency surgery, I know the feelings.


  2. Any surgery is serious when someone you love is involved. I’m sending a prayer your way.

  3. Special thoughts for you and your mom today. Wishing her a complete and full recovery!

  4. I hope everything goes successfully!

  5. Holding you and your mom in my light…

  6. Initial reports are that it went well; we’re home now, and she’s resting.

    • I am glad to read that; I am a little late to this post but my thoughts are with you both. Take great care and I wish her a quick recovery 🙂

  7. I hope everything is well and she has a speedy recovery

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