All-time favorites

I’m working on my best reads of 2010 list and wondering:

How often is a new book added to your list of all-time favorites?

My all-time favorites list is not on paper (or screen), and fluid, but still I muse. Is it a good reading year when one title (or two) is added to this tier?

What do you think?


10 responses to “All-time favorites

  1. Great question! My list is pretty fluid too. I don’t think I added any books to my top 10 all time this year, but to my top 50, maybe 1 or 2. And that’s good!

  2. I don’ t know if I have a top ten of all time actually but I defintely added books to the favorite books of all time this year. It has been an exceptional reading year.

  3. My All Time favorites list is fairly fluid also, but I do keep a “Highly Recommended” list on Goodreads for those books I give 5 stars.

    I added 3 books to that list this year, and I’m pretty sure two of them (East of Eden and Lonesome Dove) will have fairly permanent places on my All time favorites list.

    I can’t possibly ever name an all time top 10, that list probably changes hourly at least.

  4. It usually takes awhile for a book to make it to my favorites list, meaning that I will have to reflect on it for a few months and if I still have a strong reaction to a book so long after finishing it, then it will become a favorite.

  5. I’m a very demanding customers as far as all-time favorites go, so I don’t really add all that many books to the list on a regular basis. But I do add at least one book a year to my hall of fame.

  6. Not very often, honestly… I find that I have a pretty set list of “all-time” favorites. And something might come by that I LOVE LOVE LOVE but it hasn’t connected with me like my real favorites have.

  7. I think if I can add a title or two a year to the “top reads of all time” list that would be impressive. However my list rarely wavers and I can not think of a one I have added recently to the “top of the top”.

    Either I am too tired or really nothing within the last year. Of course, as soon as I post this comment I know I will think of something 🙂

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  9. This is a great question! My all-time favorite list is pretty fluid. I think I can easily add three or four of the books I read this year to the list. I’m trying to aim my reading more toward that direction. I want to read great books instead of “meh” reads which I read a lot of this year.

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