Iteration in knitting

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Paul’s post yesterday mentioned iteration, particularly in gestural drawing.

The first is that the “process of drawing is a really live process and not like a dead thing, ‘Oh my God I can’t change anything because I made that line five minutes ago.’” If we didn’t learn this from all of the gestural drawings we did in college, I don’t think we ever will. This is, I believe, what paralyzes a lot of people who do not have artistic training (or even artistic ambitions) when they think of drawing. They have this idea that your first line has to be perfect. Not so.

(He’s quoting from a video on a New York Times blog.)

So now I’m wondering,

What does iteration look like in knitting? In knitwear design?

Sure, knitting can be ripped back and reworked. But sometimes that destroys the yarn.

I don’t have answers today, only the question.

What does iteration look like in your craft? In your blogging?


2 responses to “Iteration in knitting

  1. I love this idea of iteration — for me in my writing, I gave up the idea of perfection at the first word long ago, but it was only when I did that I became a better writer. Revision is the story of my life 🙂

  2. Iteration in writing (it seems to me) is somewhat akin to iteration in drawing — no medium is lost by erasing, deleting — and, even beyond that, by moving a chunk aside for later, just in case.

    Revision does seem to be part of how good books come to life. 🙂

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