Christmas ornaments

Before I fell full-bore into gift knitting (now thankfully done!), I was getting into the Christmas spirit by making ornaments.

Christmas trees

Click any photo to view it larger.

These are the first ones we made. Paul shaped and slipped the trees, and I strung my handspun yarn as a garland. I especially like the bit of sparkle and variation in the yarn, as well as the highlight the edges of the trees themselves bring. I love it when we find ways to collaborate in craft!

We may iterate on this idea more in the future.


Again, click any photo to view it larger.

I pounded out quite a few of these; they’re kind of the unifying element on our personal tree this year. They come together really quick, too; I was getting four or so done in an hour. They’re a variety of lengths.

Here’s how I made them:

With a hook size suitable to the yarn (I used a G or H hook with worsted weight yarn), Ch — loosely! — a number approximating the desired length of your icicle. I had good luck with 18 or so. Any shorter than 14 I found less than ideal.

Working in the fourth ch from hook, 3 dc. Work 3 dc in each ch to end. Break yarn, weave in ends.

Icicle B prototype

This is an idea not fully come to fruition, I think. I like where it’s headed, but I’m not sure when I’ll have more time to devote to it.

I crocheted the stainless steel and threaded a bit of undyed combed top through it.

Have you made any ornaments this year?


7 responses to “Christmas ornaments

  1. I love handmade ornaments and yours are lovely!

  2. These are great. I haven’t made any this year…or probably since elementary school. But I did think about it!

  3. Love those trees! My mom has a tree full of homemade ornaments (either that her mother made, she made, or we made as kids) and I love it. I’d love to do the same but don’t have much homemaking talent (sewing requires a straight line…any dummy can do that).

    So, I have a question for you. You and a handful of other bloggers have me interested in fiber arts. I pondered on twitter the other day crocheting or knitting. I have done basic basic crochet in the past, but is one better to start with or are they totally different?

    Hope you and your family have a lovely lovely Christmas Hannah!

    • Ooh, good question. I think it depends on the person, honestly. Crochet made sense to me way earlier than knitting did, but other people think knitting is the simpler of the two. If you’ve already done some basic crochet, I’d start there! Everything in crochet is just variations of the single crochet. If you were nearby, I’d offer to teach you. 😀

      Oh, and, can’t forget this: I’m always thrilled to see someone become interested in the fiber arts!

  4. I didn’t make ornaments this year but i have needlepointed them, laced them, knitted them, and crocheted them in the past. I love your icicles.

    Have a super holiday.

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