Baltimore Blues by Laura Lippman

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Baltimore Blues by Laura Lippman, book 1 of the Tess Monaghan Mysteries series (William Morrow, 1997), 336 pages

Tess Monaghan is lost in a wasteland, after losing the only job she ever loved, doing the one thing she knew how to do. She’d been a newspaper reporter, but now she wasn’t. In her striving to make ends meet, she stumbles upon what might be her next calling.

Confession: I read this book in May, and I apparently didn’t take good notes.

I read this book after enjoying Lippman’s standalone Life Sentences [my review]. I tend to enjoy mysteries in series form, and the fact that Tess is a former reporter helped cinch the deal.

The book isn’t perfect, but it does hold promise. I’m almost positive I would have read more books in the series already if I could get my hands on book 2, Charm City. As it is, I’ve been collecting books from this series all year, and I hope to blaze through several of them in the new year.

Here’s a list of the Tess Monaghan books in order (at FictFact).

Reading this book also completes the Laura Lippman reading challenge I joined, so yay!

About the author
Laura Lippman grew up in Baltimore and returned there in 1989 to work as a journalist. She has won numerous awards for her work. Her 17th book, I’d Know You Anywhere, was released in August. After writing several standalones, the Tess story is being added to, with the previously serialized The Girl in the Green Raincoat due out in book form in January.

My interview with Lippman.

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