Christmas knitting

Word Lily knits

I struck a good balance this year, with a good amount of gift knitting (not too much), and with it spread out over months. No cramming and stress, yay! I’m not sure it’s exactly due to careful planning and moderation on my part, though; it’s most likely serendipity, at least in part. Happily, I think they were all well-received, too.

I knit a hat for my only niece, and fashioned a ceramic button (that I made a couple years ago) into a pin as a fastener and decoration for it. I looked through tons of patterns, but I settled on this one, which I’d seen on another babe this fall.

Pattern: Poppy
Yarn: recycled sweater yarn (wool, rayon, nylon, cashmere, angora)

Last year a certain sister-in-law received a scarf I’d made, and after Christmas she wanted a hat to wear with it. But I was out of the yarn, and I couldn’t find any to buy to barter for, either. When I found a dab of the yarn in my scrap bin, I knew it would work for her hat.

That’s me modeling it, not the recipient.
Hat pattern: Surface braid hat
Yarn: recycled sweater yarn, mostly wool

We went through several ideas for what to get my dad (he’s hard to buy for!), but this fedora is the only thing that ended up working.

Pattern: Fedora
Yarn: recycled cotton sweater yarn

I also made red and green kerchiefs for all the siblings’ pups.

The other [five] knitted or crocheted gifts were all made well ahead of time, without specific recipients exactly in mind. I don’t have decent photos of most of them, either.

Did you give handmade gifts this year?


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