The Familiar Stranger by Christina Berry

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The Familiar Stranger by Christina Berry (Moody, September 2009), 320 pages

Denise’s husband skips church one Sunday, and during the service she gets a call that he’s been in an accident. For that to be the case, he couldn’t have been where he told her was headed. Although she’s filled with questions, they’re pushed aside as she keeps vigil at his bedside, praying for him to regain consciousness.

This book surprised me. As I got started with it, I thought I wouldn’t like it. But I couldn’t make myself put it down (and abandoning books is something I got a fair bit of practice at this year). As the book went along, I found myself more and more caught up with these characters.

I thought it would be predictable, but I was pleasantly surprised. The characters burrowed into my psyche, I hurt with them. This is a family drama, and most of the book takes place within Denise, but it also has a fair touch of thriller. A really good story.

I really enjoyed the reading experience of this book, and I look forward to more from this debut author.

About the author
Christina Berry (blog) is a single mother and foster parent; she lives with her family in rural Oregon. The Familiar Stranger is her debut novel.

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5 responses to “The Familiar Stranger by Christina Berry

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  2. Thank you so much for a great review. I have to say my favorite ones are reviews where the book delivers a far different experience than the expected one. 🙂

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