Socks done, socks to come

Word Lily knits

I’ve recently finished two pairs of socks, and I’m getting ready to start another two.

Finished: Leaning socks

This is my first pair of worsted weight socks, and they went really quickly. The pattern‘s a translation, though, and not very easy to follow. It also assumes a certain amount of sock-knitting knowledge. I thought I took excellent notes as I went along, but the toes ended up different than each other anyway. I dithered for more than a week, trying to decide if I could live with the inconsistency, but I finally just decided to finish them. I used stash Lion Brand wool, it took less than 2 skeins for the pair.

Finished: Denim blue Rivulets

Pattern: Rivulets
Yarn: Araucania Ranco Multy in colorway 328
These socks were my first toe-up socks, and the making was not without hiccups. I had to rip them out several times before I finally got the needle size and foot length right. All that’s really my fault, though, not the pattern’s. I really love them! I’ll definitely be making more toe-up socks. Just realized my bind off at the cuff is too tight. 😦 But they’re still very wearable. I do hope this yarn holds up better than the other from this brand I used, though (which had different fiber content, so I think there’s a decent chance — plus, these are knit at a smaller gauge, which has to help, right?).

Queued: Monkeys

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Sockin’ Sox, color 002; superwash wool, bamboo, nylon
This hugely popular pattern is sung as the (one of the) preeminent answer(s) to pool-happy yarn. Which is what I discovered I have after casting on for a pair of stockinette short socks a month or two ago. (Well, at least at the gauge I was working at.) So, Cookie A. Monkeys it is.

Queued: Handspun brights

Remember this yarn? Yeah. I’m planning to use this Wendy Knits pattern. This definitely calls for a simple pattern, as I’m expecting the yarn to sing. After looking through patterns, I’m hopeful I’ll have enough of this yarn to not require something else for the cuffs or heels/toes.


7 responses to “Socks done, socks to come

  1. I love your socks! I would hate to wear them after I put all that work into them.

  2. Those are lovely! I particularly like the blue ones.

    One of these days I will get brave enough to attempt socks. Well, more socks than the toddler-sized practice socks from the one sock pattern book I own. I hate knitting gauge swatches, though, which makes things tricky.

    • Yeah, swatching isn’t fun. I keep waiting for the day when I’ll at least know my preferred sock-knitting needle size and stitch count and how much variance is acceptable before I need to adjust things. But I’m not there yet.

      But, you can do it! A sock is a sock, and if you’ve done toddler-sized socks, you’ve done socks. It will take longer to make larger ones, but still.

  3. This time of year in Minnesota I am a sock person – occasionally socks over socks and these look so wonderful! You are so talented Hannah!

  4. I love those red socks!

  5. I love your socks! The red ones are really pretty.

    I’m still working on my first pair, and I’ve had a hard time making the first heel. And to think I’ll have to make another one to go with the first one! *gasp*

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