Bloggiesta to do list

I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do this weekend, and I’m thrilled that I finally get to participate in Bloggiesta! If nothing else, this post serves to tell you not to fear if things get a bit wonky in these parts over the weekend; I’ve got my head under the hood and will hopefully get things tuned up and in better shape than they were before!

The List
• patterns page I didn’t do this exactly, but what I did implement is more than a stop-gap.
• catch up on archiving words
• draft and schedule words posts into the future
• alpha by author review archive?
• attempt fiber arts top-level page, sted knitting (is it even possible? Not sure.)
• Start drafting content for daily Lenten posts (So excited about this!)
• redo about page
• revamp review policy Neither of these is perfect yet, but they’re improved.

The biggest (read: most urgent) task is to:
finish stuff up for Rene Gutteridge Week (next week, eek!)

Other stuff accomplished

Email best practices mini-challenge at Hey Lady
Bookshelf organization mini-challenge at Jenn’s Bookshelves
• Wrote a fiber arts / finished object Friday post.
Setting goals mini-challenge from My Friend Amy

I’m also excited to be hosting a mini-challenge for this Bloggiesta!


4 responses to “Bloggiesta to do list

  1. I hope you get a lot accomplished.

  2. Good morning Hannah – I bring you coffee this morning! Looks like you are already busy at the Bloggiesta…. I am just getting warmed up! Have fun!

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